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Galassia Arke Replacement Toilet Seat in UK Stock

Product no.: 8872 Arke

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We stock these Galassia Arke seats

This seat can fitted fitted from the top of the toilet pan (top fixing)

So no need to pull the toilet away from the wall

As for the fixings the new seat will not fit on the old fixings.

So what you do is take off the seat and what you can of the fixings.

You have to let the fixings that are in the hole drop through to the void in the pan.

Then you can attach the fixings through the hole (they have a type of butterfly fixing that goes through the hole and then tightens up).

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS FOR A GALASSIA ARKE TOILET SEAT (by John a very helpful customer of ours)

Picture of components is not correct.

The long bolts supplied are countersunk with Phillips recesses (not hexagon as shown)

The screw heads(I) on each of A and B are serrated for hand tightening, the Allen key is not relevant

There were no lower E circular washers in the kit (just the ones with slotted hole and vertical pin)

A(sx) and B(dx) just push into the seat

Picture 1 is OK except portrayal of bolt as being hexagon headed is incorrect

Do screws up initially with your fingers pulling the fitting upwards so that the fasteners (F) bite on the underside of the top of the toilet, then with a Phillips screwdriver so that they just begin to bite, but so that the fitting can still be moved

Turn lid upside down on toilet and set it so that it is a uniform fit at the sides and front.

Rotate the E-fittings so that they are in line with the holes in A and B but ensure that the right hand one is symmetrical with the left-hand one and each is at a similar angle to the side of the toilet and the right distance forwards.

Picture 2 With the lid upside down, rotate A and B so that the holes are facing you (not at 90o as drawn)

Turn lid the right way up, and feeling under with your finger drop A and B on to their respective pins.

Check that the lid sits symmetrically on the pan and, if necessary, wiggle it to get good alignment, simultaneously verifying that the E pins remain at the same angle relative to each side.

Very carefully lift the lid clear. Use the screwdriver to screw the bolts down hard without moving the E fittings. (You can’t use a spanner as shown in picture 4 with the seat in position because they are not hexagon headed)

Re-locate the lid on the pins and verify that everything is where you want it

Lift seat/lid off again, put the two C washers in place, and replace the seat/lid

Open the lid and seat and tighten the serrated screws on A and B with your fingers

We have sold over 200 of these Arke seats

Includes the bottom (seat) and top (lid) and hinges.

This seat is a standard close seat (they do not do a soft close option).

This is the updated version of this seat with newly designed hinges and 4 seat buffers instead of 2.

Will only fit a Galassia Arke toilet pan (it should have Galassia stamped on the cistern or the toilet and not on the seat)

If you are not sure this will fit you toilet then

please send us a picture of you toilet (from a distance so we can see the shape of it)

All you need to fit this seat is a phillips screwdriver some patience and the abilty to read the quirky Italian translated instructions :)

To the email address at the top right hand side of this page.

This seat comes from Saneux who in turn buy it from Galassia UK

who get it from Galassia Italy who get it from Copriwater (the firm who have always made the Arke seats)

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when installing to make sure you get the hinges fitted on the correct sides.

I am afraid we do not sell the hinges on their own


Total Depth of the seat = 43cm

Width at the widest point = 40cm

Width at the narrowest point = 21cm